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One year in Finland


Inrego has been operating in Finland, our lovely neighbor in the east, for a year. The year has been challenging in many ways, not least the task of launching a business in the midst of a pandemic. However, we have moved in to a new 3000sqm location, hired a large number of highly qualified personnel, and the IT reuse philosophy is beginning to take shape. Inrego Finland’s Managing Director, Teemu Simola, tells us more about this historic year.

In September 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, Inrego crossed the Baltic Sea and set up camp in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Many processes started at the same time, recruiting team members, looking for a location that could house both production and an office while working on establishing Inrego to the Finnish market.

- I believe the year has been a success; we got off to a wonderful start with new client agreements, allowing us to provide more reuse services to our Finnish market, and we were able to lay a solid platform for the future,' says Teemu Simola.

Eventually, just outside of Helsinki, a suitable facility was discovered. A fantastic logistical location with all of the requirements to grow the Inrego business in Finland. This allowed us to provide the same level of service as Inrego Sweden, which implies no compromises in terms of security, logistics, or effective IT product management.

Nevertheless, the year has been challenging in many ways, and the pandemic restrictions haven't helped matters. Working processes for various activities and national operations could not be fully planned before implementation due to the current situation. But, with the help of a fantastic team, we've turned bold ideas into reality in a short amount of time and devised clever ways to set up production processes fully remotely.

- One example is that instead of having our Swedish colleagues over to help us set up our production, we’ve used virtual reality devices to share live situation, explains Teemu Simola. That way, we were able to meet our schedule. I also think that these challenges have turned into positive energy, and they have made our team even stronger.

The Inrego team in Finland did an exceptional job over the first year, as seen by the results. Because the product flow is not yet constant, the early stages are often challenging, and production must be prepared to handle and adapt to new product types. Teamwork is essential, we always encourage our colleagues in new situations, and this has helped us satisfy the needs of our customers.

- We have been able to get some learnings from the beginning and are continually increasing our efficacy, and I am extremely confident in our working style. New hires are being made in the production team as well, ensuring that we are even more prepared for increased product flow.

The Inrego services are now effectively established in the Finnish market, and we have begun the process of becoming a value-added reuse partner in Finland. Now, we're looking forward to another successful year, growing our business and promoting a reuse mindset in the electronics industry.

- The coming year will be interesting not only in terms of new business, but also in terms of what is happening in our culture in terms of reuse values and thinking. Our goals are to make it possible to reuse old IT equipment in a sustainable, cost-effective, and simple manner. I want to meet as many clients and partners as possible so that I can better understand how Inrego can help them achieve their business and sustainability goals. These are opportunities that we are all looking forward to, says Teemu Simola.

Webinar on Circular Electronics - Products as a service in a circular economy


Join our next webinar and lets explore how the circular economy will change our consumption patterns.

This change has already started but is expected to drastically increase. This webinar will look into how this transformation will affect both businesses and purchasers.


  • Tomas Harttio, Nordic manager Collection and Recovery and Asset Sales at DLL
  • Tara Woodhurst, EMEA PC as a Service Business Development Manager at Dell
  • Riku Sinervo, Circular Economy Specialist at Sitra

Watch the webinar to gain insights on:

  • Is it more sustainable buying products as a service?
  • How will these new business models affect you?
  • What are the challenges and barriers?

Register your seat and we will see you on the 2nd of June at 09 AM – 10 AM (CEST)!

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Webinar: Circular Electronics - Towards 100% Reuse


Get a preview of the future through listening to market leading IT-resellers and researchers analysing how we can transition towards a circular electronics industry by 2030.


  • Henrik Lampa, Head of Sustainability at Dustin
  • Sara Nordbrand, Head of Group Sustainability at Telia
  • Alexandra Wu, Project manager at IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet
  • Sebastian Holmström, Circular Strategy Lead at Inrego

Watch the webinar to gain insight on:

  • Becoming circular - what does that really mean?
  • The road to 100% reuse – how do we get there?
  • Can we reach zero environmental footprint?

Join us the 28th of April, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CEST.

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