Inregos hav av datorer som ska eller har återbrukats.


Inrego buys computers, phones and other IT equipment from companies all over the world. The products are tested by experts in our Swedish and Finnish production facilities.

Our process

We’ve developed our ISO certified process over the last 28 years. It's tailor-made, and can cater to all different type of services connected to handling used IT.  Our team of experts in our Swedish and Finnish facilities renews IT equipment that's then sold to businesses, organisations, schools and people world-wide.  

Reusing IT at scale

We carry a large stock of IT products that’s updated daily, bought from, reinvented, and sold on to partners around the globe. We aim to work closely with our partners long-term, which is a win-win-win; for them, us and more importantly - for the environment. 

Renewing & Reinventing

Inrego's 85 expert technicians specialise in renewing and reusing IT equipment in big quantities. Over 30 000 products go through our process every month. We have the capacity to test 1 500 units at the same time, all connected to our main system. 

Rescue Station

Nonfunctional units are sent to our rescue station where we repair or dissemble them. This enables us to reuse as much as possible, and to offer a large range of parts. 

Warranty, support & service

The products are packaged safely and delivered with insurance included to businesses and people, always with a warranty. Our delivery dates is flexible depending on our partners needs. Do you have questions about gradings? View examples

Eco smart

Last year we worked with our clients to ensure that 350 000 IT products were reused, which created carbon savings of 6 800 tonnes. Together we ceate a more sustainable world, and raise awareness of the benefits of reúsing in modern society.