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Our Sustainability Goals

We have high ambitions…

...our goal is to help our customers reach their goals and, in that way, reach the UN's goals for sustainable development. As part of this we have presented a new world standard for environmental reporting in reuse.

Inrego's work with sustainability focuses on enabling the circular economy through our business model, while minimizing the negative impact and emissions in our value chain.

Inrego AB will:

  • by 2025 achieve a 50% reduction in the main suppliers' climate impact

  • by 2025 have fossil-free logistics in Sweden

  • in 2027 achieve 100% buyback on all products we sold in Sweden

  • by 2030 be carbon dioxide neutral throughout the value chain

  • by 2030 reuse 1 million products per year


We help you reach your climate and environmental goals!

Did you know that we reach our climate and environmental goals when you reach yours? It’s true. Many of our goals are precisely based on getting our customers and partners closer to the UN's goals for sustainable development. In collaboration with the Swedish Environmental Institute, IVL, we have developed a new world standard for environmental reporting within reuse.

With the help of the model, you can now measure exactly how much carbon dioxide (CO₂) it saves the environment by reusing computers, smartphones, and other IT products in the company. The model is free to use for all organizations and companies that want to strengthen their sustainability work.

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UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Inrego's ambition is to reach the UN's Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on goal 4, 9, 12 and 13.