Cirkulär IT på Inrego, vackert naturlandskap.

Circular IT

Are you interested in learning more about the circular economy?

Henrik Nilsson, Founder/CEO på Inrego.

Henrik Nilsson

Founder, CEO
Klimatmål på Inrego.

1. Eliminate waste and pollution

reservdelar hos Inrego.

2. Circulate products and materials at their highest value

Inregos policies, en person som står och tittar ut över ett vackert landskap med berg och vatten.

3. Recreate nature

Consider this before buying new IT:

  • Can you use what you have a bit longer?

  • Can what you already have be repaired or refurbished?

  • Can you rent your IT, or is it a refurbished device that works for your needs?

If you still want to buy a new product, consider this:

  • Choose a product with higher performance as it increases the possibility that it can be used for a longer period.

  • Make sure that your company chooses durable products that can withstand the daily use that your work requires.

  • Ensure that the product is repairable and upgradeable, that spare parts are available, and that the battery is replaceable.

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