Security and flexibility make Actic continue to buy reconditioned IT from Inrego

Actic 23 February 2022 2 minutes reading

For 10 years, Actic has worked with Inrego to purchase reconditioned IT equipment for its employees. The most important thing for Actic was to find a supplier that could offer affordable IT through flexible collaboration solutions and reliable service. The fact that reusing IT benefits the environment has been a bonus that has strengthened the company both internally and externally.

Actic was founded in 1981 and is a leading wellness chain with 170 locations in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Austria. Through its work, Actic wants to create a healthier society by inspiring people to better health. At the same time, Actic is working towards a more sustainable society by providing its 200 employees with reused laptops and smartphones from Inrego.

- The reason we started looking for reused IT equipment was primarily because we needed to bring costs down and we could then buy laptops and smartphones at a better price, says Johan Huss, IT technician at Actic. Cheap is not always good, but when we found Inrego we immediately got a great connection that made the transition easy. With Inrego, we have a good supplier and the security of always knowing what we are getting.

Finding a supplier with a focus on good service was important to Actic. If there were any challenges or concerns, Johan has always felt confident that his contact at Inrego has been there for him.

- Inrego has helped us with everything possible, we have a fantastic working relationship, says Johan Huss. Inrego is one of the few suppliers who look at our specific needs and always help out.

The environmental aspect of buying reused IT has not been the primary focus for Actic, but it has been a welcome bonus. On the other hand, they make sure to take good care of the IT equipment so that it can be used for longer.

- The environmental aspect has proven to benefit us both internally and externally. Every year we receive a certificate from Inrego showing how much we have saved the environment by buying reused IT. Internally, we have felt proud and have been able to pat ourselves on the back. But also in conversations with suppliers, it is seen positively that we save both the environment and money through this cooperation.