Entreprenadprojekt Täby köper IT-utrustning med hög kvalitet till ett bättre pris

Entreprenadprojekt Täby AB 22 February 2022 2 minutes reading

Entreprenadprojekt Täby AB is a start-up company in a period of growth. As the focus is on building up the company, they want to work with suppliers who are affordable and can provide security in the form of guarantees and support. In this way, the company found Inrego as a supplier of IT equipment, which works with quality and security at a better price.

Entreprenadprojekt Täby AB is a nationwide full-service supplier of window replacement for property owners and housing associations. They are a relatively new company founded in 2016 and currently have 21 employees.

When the company started, they needed to build office space from scratch and they then bought all their IT equipment from Inrego. The company's employees were provided with mobile phones, computers, monitors, docking stations, computer mice and mouse pads.

- We realised that we could buy quality products at a much better price from Inrego, says Ida Jönsson, project manager at Entreprenadprojekt Täby AB. As we are a start-up company, the financial aspect was the most important. What we buy in is about half the price compared to if we had chosen to buy new. But also that we are offered warranty and support at the same level as if we would buy new products.

Entreprenadprojekt Täby AB runs many projects and has installers spread throughout Sweden. The fitters, who are often out in the field and work physically, have appreciated receiving work phones as good as the iPhone 8 in top condition. Something that was economically possible when the company chose to buy reconditioned iPhones.

- Many of our colleagues have thought that the IT equipment is brand new and are surprised when we say that they are reused, says Ida Jönsson. So far, we haven't had to replace any IT equipment, other than the occasional broken phone, since we bought them in 2016. The phones are used extensively at work and have held up incredibly well.

As a start-up company in a period of growth, it's hard to prioritize environmental issues when there are so many other things that need to be prioritised for the company to survive. However, in all the projects that Entreprenadprojekt Täby AB works on, environmental thinking is always present.