“It feels good to contribute to a circular world”

Björn Borg 14 November 2022 3 minutes reading

Björn Borg samarbetar med Inrego, bild på en av Björn Borgs butiker.

Björn Borg aims to halve its emissions in absolute terms in ten years and is constantly on the lookout for new, resource-smart solutions, says Pernilla Johansson, Communications Manager and Sustainability Strategist at Björn Borg. Thanks to a partnership with Inrego, 11,922 kg of carbon dioxide emissions have been saved, and all IT equipment in the company will have a longer lifespan.

Björn Borg has been focused on sustainability for a long time, and the work now permeates their entire business. The company is working in every detail to achieve the UN's 1.5-degree target. One of the company's three focus areas is sustainability, and every individual in the company has a sustainability goal. In fact, it was thanks to this individual commitment that we were tipped off about Inrego," says Pernilla. For the past year, Björn Borg has sent its used IT equipment to Inrego for data approach, valuation and reconditioning. The cooperation is described as safe, time-efficient and easy.

- It feels good that our hardware is getting a longer life. Even if a computer or other machine is not functional for our business, it may well work in another area, especially after a little love from professionals. We contribute to a more circular world and no longer have to spend time resetting computers and clearing RAM before recycling. It's a win-win.

To Inrego, all IT equipment, regardless of its condition, can be handed in for security scrubbing and reconditioning. The company that returns the equipment also receives compensation for the value of the products, along with an erasure certificate and carbon reporting on how much emissions have been saved for the climate by giving the resources a longer life. The fact that all materials can be handed in, regardless of their condition, is one of the benefits of the partnership, says Pernilla.

At Björn Borg, IT equipment is used for as long as possible and end-of-life computers are repaired as far as possible. When the company finally returns its used IT equipment to Inrego, it becomes one of the many pieces of the puzzle that drive their sustainability efforts in the right direction.

- E-waste is a major problem worldwide. It feels good to be able to avoid it as much as possible and contribute to a circular world."

Do you and your company also want to lower your carbon footprint and give your IT equipment a longer life? Click here to learn more about how you can partner with Inrego.