“Everyone wants to do a good deal, both for the company itself and for society at large.”

Upfront 14 November 2022 3 minutes reading

Upfront samarbetar med Inrego - bild på en dator.

The word "upfront" means "direct, clear, take the lead", and that's exactly what the company Upfront stands for. By offering refurbished phones to their customers and underwriting residual values when purchasing new equipment, they ensure that they are at the forefront - not only in terms of modern communication solutions, but also in sustainable transition processes. Patrik Holgersson, co-owner and operations manager at Upfront, tells Inrego how everyone wins from a good deal.

Upfront impresses Inrego. In their relatively short period of cooperation, their subscribed residual values and orders for refurbished phones have increased dramatically every quarter. Inrego's business model allows them to emphasise sustainability aspects in selling to new customers, and to offer long-term lifecycle management of telephony for businesses. But while the environmental benefits are significant, it wasn't actually primarily for that reason that Upfront partnered with Inrego, says Patrik.

- We felt there was a great understanding, curiosity and responsiveness. It was quick pucks and we got offers tailored to our needs. We were able to cut administration and automate things. You thought one step further, and that's exactly what we do with our customers too.

Patrik has seen two growing needs in recent years. One is that sustainability has moved up the agenda among the companies they work with, and the other is that customers are starting to look for more economically advantageous solutions. Mobile phones have become more expensive, and the combination of wallet-friendly options that also create a long-term environmental gain has proved to be very popular.

Now they are taking further steps to help their customers become even more sustainable. By accepting used phones for reconditioning, they are reducing their customers' ecological footprint. As a thank you, they are also planning a tree for every phone that goes to a second-hand sale with Plantmore. This acts as a carrot to reduce the number of phones that might otherwise end up in the desk drawer after purchasing a new one. Patrik believes that the clear statement of one tree per phone helps to increase engagement with their customers.

- Everyone wants to do a good deal, both for the company itself and for society at large. What makes our solutions fly is that we create sustainable lifecycle management. We offer a complete service package and create simplicity.

Together with Inrego, Upfront creates sustainable business models in telephony - both for themselves and for their customers. It should be easy to do the right thing, and with the collaboration between the companies, it will be just that, says Patrik. Do you and your company also want to save carbon emissions and implement sustainable lifecycles for your IT? Click here to find out more about how you can start a partnership with Inrego!