Product as a service enables reuse and new life

DLL 6 October 2021 3 minutes reading

tech från Inrego.

Renting rather than owning technology and IT equipment is part of a shift where companies are starting to take care of their equipment in a more circular way. DLL is working on circular financing solutions to provide IT for businesses while limiting its carbon footprint. Together with Inrego, they ensure that products are given a new life.

DLL is a global financing partner that works, among other things, to provide technology and software for businesses by offering efficient and sustainable financing solutions tailored to the product lifecycle. Through these sustainable financing options, DLL aims to limit the carbon footprint and promote a circular economy. One such financing solution could be products as a service, where the customer rents equipment for a fixed period of time.

- There has been a historical change where we have moved from owning the equipment to using it, says Tomas Harttio, Nordic Manager Collection, Recovery and Asset Sales at DLL. The customer gets their equipment at a lower price where the repurchase is included in the offer, which ensures sustainability in the business model.

It is after the first life cycle of the product that DLL has brought Inrego in as a partner. While DLL takes care of the financing of the products during the rental period, Inrego buys the products at the end of the rental period and then ensures that they are computerized, refurbished and reused, thus giving them a new life.

- DLL invests in the assets and lowers the total cost of use for its customers. It has to work easily, securely and efficiently and we work with partners like Inrego to ensure that," says Tomas Harttio.

Being able to rent equipment is a convenient way for companies to use products without having to own them. The company can easily flex up or down depending on its needs. When the company has finished using the products after the rental period, they don't have to deal with what to do with them later.

- Since the financing solution is based on the products being returned, we also get around used equipment sitting in storage at companies' premises," says Tomas Harttio. The return of IT products is part of our offer and cannot be opted out of.

DLL has also found a good solution to help new customers take care of their used equipment when they replace it.

- Many customers who come to us also wonder what to do with the products they already own. In these cases, we try to help by connecting them with a partner like Inrego who takes care of these products so they get a new life.