Circularity in mind when Nynäshamn buys computers

Nynäshamn kommun 6 October 2021 2 minutes reading

Nynäshamn municipality is carrying out one of the largest circular procurements in electronics in Sweden ever. Inrego is proud to have been entrusted with the supply of recycled electronics to Nynäshamn municipality in the coming years.

Nynäshamns kommun väljer Inrego.

Recently, Nynäshamn carried out one of the largest circular procurements in recycled electronics ever. Before the summer, it became clear that Inrego will have the honor of supplying recycled computers to the schools in the municipality in the coming years. Circular procurement benefits both the environment and the economy.

- After years of developing the circular economy, it is great to see procurement at this level being carried out, says Jessica Enqvist, Business Area Manager at Inrego. We look forward to a great collaboration with Nynäshamn and to more municipalities following suit. The procedure of purchasing RAM contracts for used IT is something unique that we hope will become more common than unusual.

The government has decided on a national strategy for the circular economy, where procurement is a central part of reducing emissions and moving to a circular and fossil-free economy. This includes several measures to increase the share of circular procurement.

- Nynäshamn municipality is leading the way and showing the way for others. We need more municipalities that dare to take the plunge and follow those that procure circularly, says Sebastian Holmström, Circular Strategy Lead at Inrego.