Inregos kundportal - i världsklass. En dator med skärmavbild från kundportalen.

Customer portal

World class customer portal

As a customer of ours, you will have access to a customer portal where you can follow the take-back process, all the way from pick-up to resale.  

The customer portal gives you a total overview of your entire repossession. Here you book packaging to pack your IT equipment, you book pick-up and then you can follow the whole process through our production. Once the products have gone through the entire process, a report is generated and can also be found in the customer portal.  

The report shows you the carbon savings generated by your take-back, provides you with a deletion certificate at serial number level and gives you a financial summary of the compensation you receive for the take-back.  

In addition, the customer portal allows you to view statistics on the types of units you have sent to us, and you can see at serial number level exactly what has happened and when to that specific unit.  

It is possible to authorise access so that you can see everything in the customer portal or everything except the financial parts. Many customers allow certain people in their company to have access so they can order logistics solution but not be able to see the financials. It is also used to allow end customers to access and view returns.

If you are a customer you may enter the customer portal from here.