Reinvented IT from Sweden to the world

Inrego wants to contribute to a better world by maximizing the reuse of used IT equipment and in a sustainable way giving people access to IT to develop themselves and their environment. The impact of IT equipment on the climate must be minimized and more products must be reused instead of being sent for recycling. For 25 years, Inrego has globally led the way to increase the reuse of IT products. We are a global market leader within ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) with 150 employees. We deliver and buy from more than 90 countries and together with our partners we continue to make a difference all around the globe.

Reinvented since -95

The year is 1995. Henrik Nilsson and Rickard Hannerell opens a store selling second-hand computers to students in Lund, Sweden.

They open a second store as the market expands, growing with the increased use of tech in homes and offices. They shift focus to businesses and start building a network of hundreds of suppliers and retailers all over Europe and the USA.

From that one store in Lund, Inrego blossomed into the thriving business it is today, a market leading company within ITAD, and Sweden's largest retailer of reused and reinvented IT products. 

A Circular Economy 

Inrego has played an important role in building up the market for the sustainable reuse of used IT equipment globally. Our work aims to build a circular economy rather than the linear model of today, to keep within our planetary limits and pave the way for a smarter IT consumption around the world. 

It’s all about saving natures resources, and reusing raw materials and products as much as possible. Companies like Inrego, basing their business model on reusing, will play a central role in the circular economy that will be so important for the future of our planet. 

Inrego is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

Since Inrego is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), we can pre-install Microsoft software on the computers and laptops you buy from us. We have three different licenses from which you pick depending on your requirements.

As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we can offer you unfastened Microsoft licenses. As a partner to Inrego, you will have access to these licenses and will be able to install them on any used equipment that you will resale. It enables you to provide a functioning solution your rather than just a hardware to your consumers, as well as access to operating system downloads, upgrades and expanded capabilities.

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150 employees

Our team in Sweden consists of experts within tech, safety, logistics, sales and the environment. We speak over 11 languages and our network of partners span all over the globe.

420 msek

Annual turn over. 

90 countries

Our clients and partners are all over the globe. We only sell to countries that handle electronic waste according to E.U. legislations and regulations. This means we take responsibility for our products and make sure they don’t become e-waste.

ISO certificates

The company is certified by quality ISO 9001, environment ISO 14001, working environment ISO 45001 and information security ISO 27001.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 27001
Data Security

ISO 45001
Work Environment

Highest credit worthiness