What we deliver

We have high standards

To ensure that your refurbished IT equipment reaches its full potential, we work based on a unique process. We have high demands for security, traceability, economy, and logistics - all to ensure that quality and security go hand in hand with environmental considerations.

What we deliver


Our technicians securely erase all information on incoming products according to GDPR standards. The seller receives an erasure certificate for each product sent in. Security is central, and in the erasure process, Inrego works with Blancco, the world's leading program for certified data erasure.

What we deliver


We document traceability via serial numbers on all devices forwarded by Inrego and follow up to ensure that deliveries go to the intended destination.

What we deliver


Today, virtually all IT equipment can be reused and given a new life, which saves both the environment and the economy. When you sell your old IT equipment, you can get back a lot when you're done with it. As a buyer of reused electronics, you can save around 40-50 percent compared to the new price. Through the thorough inspection that all our IT products undergo, we ensure that the quality standard is high.

What we deliver


It should be easy to manage your electronics sustainably. When you're finished with your electronics, we pick them up safely, handle the return logistics, and securely erase all information according to GDPR requirements. For over 25 years, Inrego has specialized in return flows, i.e., the logistics of the circular economy.

Our services

Rethink the use of IT equipment

With Inrego, you can maximize the reuse of your company's IT products. Together with our customers, we ensure that 350,000 products are reused every year. Be a part of the circular economy by submitting your IT equipment to us or getting tailored purchase and rental solutions for refurbished IT that fits your needs.