En hylla på Inrego där återbrukade datorer står.

This is how it works

This is how we buy back and reuse your IT

It should be sustainable, economically profitable and easy to reuse IT products. That's why we have a highly developed reuse process for businesses - all the way from when we buy your IT equipment to when we resell it. Profitable for your business, the society and the environment.  

This is how it works:

  1. Contact us  

Contact us and we'll help you with the right solution for your business.  

  1. Packing and collection 

Either we pack and collect your equipment or you pack and deliver it yourself. We have different solutions depending on what it is you want to send in, ranging from security cabinets to smaller boxes for single mobiles. 

  1. Secure deletion and deregistration 

Our technicians securely erase all information on incoming products according to GDPR standards. The device also gets a device ID that will follow through the process.  

You, the seller, receive a deletion certificate and the factory-recovered product is ready for the next step.  

  1. Testing and upgrading 

We thoroughly test all products and assess what needs to be fixed. This could be anything from a new hard drive, a new RAM or a freshly printed keyboard.  

  1. Feedback and our customer portal 

Once the products have been security graded, tested and upgraded, you will receive a report back in our customer portal. You'll see a financial summary of product value, deletion certificates and a sustainability report with carbon savings.  

It is also in the customer portal that you order the pick-up of the equipment you want to send us and you can follow the whole take-back process directly.   

  1. Resale 

Your IT equipment is now ready to be sold to businesses, organisations, schools and individuals.  

Our products always come with warranty, support & service.