A new world standard

This spring Inrego presented a new world standard for environmental reporting within reuse. It is a new calculation model, which measures how much carbon dioxide (CO₂) we save the environment when we reuse computers, smartphones and other IT products.

The calculation model has been produced together with the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute in order to offer the industry a completely unique model for calculating how much reuse saves the environment. With the new model, we can now produce exact figures on carbon dioxide savings because it calculates the IT products based on category, subcategory and model all the way down to component level - something that has never been done before.

This model is free to use for all companies and organisations as part of strengthening their sustainability work. From the 1st June 2021, Inrego will also be able to offer their customers updated figures based on the new calculation model and these can be expected to be higher than before.

Many companies and organisations are aiming to be climate neutral by 2030. This is part of the sustainability work that will allow that goal to be achieved. By having greater control over their climate impact, companies can take great strides towards becoming climate neutral.

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The new database is independent and scientifically developed to calculate environmental savings for IT equipment down to component level.

The model contains information on a large number of different categories of IT products, such as laptops, screens, smartphones, tablets, printers and even accessories such as adapters, keyboards and RAM. In order to get a true calculation, it is important that all components are included.

Did you know that electronics is the fastest growing waste stream globally?

Therefore, we need to rethink the way we produce, consume, and use electronics.

Four steps to reduce your carbon emissions from electronics.

  1. Purchase circular electronics
  2. Use your IT product for a longer time
  3. Reuse
  4. Recycle

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Want to know more about how you can strengthen your organisation's sustainability work through reuse? For further information, contact:

Sebastian Holmström
Circular Strategy Lead, Inrego

“Electronics have a greater impact on the climate than many people think. By having greater control over their climate impact, companies can take great strides towards becoming climate neutral."

- Sebastian Holmström, Circular Strategy Lead, Inrego

520 kgc02e

Reusing a computer monitor saves a massive 520 kg of carbon dioxide emissions on an average, compared to buying new.

280 kgc02e

Buying a reused laptop instead of a new one saves 280 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, compared to buying new.