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Skanska’s refurbishing project saving 193 tonnes CO2 yearly


Construction company Skanska Sweden sends its old computers and other IT equipment to refurbishing. As much as 85-90 percent of the products get a second life.

“It feels good to know that our computers live on in schools and offices” says Johan Balck, Chief Information Security Officer at Skanska in Sweden.

Over the last years, Skanska Sweden has sent 8 000 IT products to refurbishing company Inrego every year. Inrego has deleted all data, refurbished the equipment and put it on the market, giving it a second life. This represents an environmental profit of 193 tonnes CO2, equivalent to heating 774 apartments or running 18 500 refrigerators for a year.

“Inrego helps us to lessen our environmental footprint and we are provided with regular updates on the CO2 saving being made”, says Johan Balck. “It’s sad that not more businesses refurbish their IT equipment. I think the reasons are partly ignorance, partly immaturity when it comes to questions of sustainability”.

An extra bonus for Skanska is that the second hand equipment generates a profit.

“Money is going back into the system and we invest them, among other things, in new technology”.

Gartner: not all ITAD partners are alike


A fresh report from prominent market research company Gartner identifies a number of factors making refurbishing even more relevant and complicated than before. Data security is more and more becoming a board-level issue. At the same time data is more and more regulated by laws like GDPR. This is a trend that will favour professional ITAD companies with the necessary know how, licenses and processes.

Gartner identifies three tasks ITAD executives should pay special attention to: data sanitization, transportation logistics and recycling. “These three represent the greatest risk in the ITAD process, and they should be handled by an experienced, well-vetted ITAD service vendor”, says the report.

5 arguments for refurbished IT


ITAD is growing steadily, but still there are many who fail to see the benefits and the beauty of doubling or even tripling the life of a computer. Here are 5 good arguments.

1. Environment
IT products contain rare earth metals, alloys and a number of synthetic components. It is hard to recycle them properly. Neither is fragging/incineration an optimal alternative. By using the products a few more years, you help decrease their environmental footprint.

2. Opportunity for all
Many organisations have a limited budget. For them, it’s cheap second hand computers or nothing. In other words: refurbished IT products help to distribute opportunity.

3. Security
For fear of data ending up in the wrong hands, many companies choose to scrap their IT equipment. This is generally a mistake, since scrapyards and the transport there in many cases are far from safe. A licensed refurbishing company is a safer bet, with processes to safeguard and erase all data in a professional way.

4. Money back
A widespread error of thinking is that the value of IT equipment goes out the window with the last instalment. But this is just not true. Paying someone to throw away computers is crazy. A refurb company will give you a share of the profit from selling the refurbished equipment. You are getting value back.

5. Slightly slower - a lot cheaper
People who buy a brand new computer with the latest processor will have to pay a lot for it. Maybe they are into advanced graphics, like CAD, or maybe they just like to impress. For an average user, though, a three year old computer is more than enough. And it’s way much cheaper.

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