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Dell Technologies has a green vision to stop our love of gadgets killing the planet


As one of the biggest names in the computing business, producing hundreds of thousands of laptop and desktop machines every year, along with monitors and other peripherals, Dell hopes to set an example across the industry in terms of reducing its impact on the climate and the environment a mission driven in large part by the vision of its Head of Experience Design, Ed Boyd.

As outlined in a blog post on Dell’s website, Boyd has some ambitious plans to massively reduce the electronic and other waste produced by the company over the coming years. “By 2030, for every product a customer buys, we will reuse or recycle an equivalent product, and 100% of our packaging and more than half of our product content will be made from recycled or renewable material,” Boyd says.

And the company is also looking to develop new technology that will give devices longer, and even multiple lives. “We used to design our products so that they looked really attractive, worked really well, were reliable,” Ed says, “but now we’re also stepping back and designing these products so that instead of taking an hour to disassemble, you can push a pin into it and pop them apart in seconds”.

This eliminates the need to switch out physical components as they become outdated or slow, instead of creating technology that is able to adjust to ever-developing standards.

“Imagine a device that doesn’t degrade the moment you get it, but instead actually gets better over its lifecycle.” says Boyd “It can be faster and more powerful, with more features and capabilities”.

Image credit: Dell/Future 

Recycle or reuse? The world of circular IT!


The circular economy is more than a buzz word. It is the new economic model which is supported by the European Union in its policies and adopted by many big, innovative companies all over the globe. 

To share their thoughts and knowledge Christoffer Sandell CEO of Inrego Global and Sebastian Holmström Circular Strategy Lead at Inrego joined the podcast Impact Radio at New Business Radio. 

Circular electronics day!


Circular Electronics Day — a global initiative to inspire people to manage their electronics in a circular way was on Januari 24th.  

This year’s focus is giving hands-on tips and highlighting best practices, to show how easy it is to handle IT circular already today. In today’s linear economy, we take virgin natural resources to manufacture products, which often have a short lifespan before they are discarded. In a circular economy, resources are handled in a more responsible way. For electronics, this means reducing virgin resource extraction, extending use-life of products, and minimizing waste and pollution. 

Read more about circular electronics day here where you as well can take part of quizzes and soon their webinar when published: 

Cascade survey shows pandemic’s ITAD impact


Wisconsin-based ITAD company Cascade Asset Management recently released its annual ITAD benchmarking report, which includes a mix of data from an online survey of Cascade’s clients. The document shows the impact of COVID-19 in 2020. 

According to the report, many survey respondents said supply chain limitations made it hard for them to acquire equipment for their employees working at home.

From the ITAD vendor perspective, the virus meant less used material coming in the door. In the survey, 40% of Cascade’s clients indicated they slightly or greatly reduced their IT equipment disposal activities in 2020. The response was consistent with Cascade’s own processing numbers – Cascade received 24% fewer devices in 2020 than in 2019. 

But the report also reflected the business boost from the hot used electronics market. Amid the pandemic, second hand electronics have sold for higher prices, Peters-Michaud said, “so our resale revenues actually grew last year.” 
The survey suggests organizations plan to get back on track with their IT asset refresh projects in 2021 but with differently looking collections in the future. After the pandemic, they think that about 11 million more people may work permanently from home. That will create challenges for remote IT management and disposition.