A new industry standard

Today, virtually all IT equipment can be refurbished and given a new life, resulting in both environmental and financial savings.

Together with the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Inrego has published a new report and a database model to measure the environmental savings of reusing computers, smartphones and other IT equipment, compared to buying new. The model is open and free to use for the entire IT reuse industry and anyone who is interested in measuring the environmental savings of reusing IT.

Download the report

The model outlined in the report is perfect to use to calculate environmental savings in other sectors where reuse may be relevant.

In addition to information on the database, there is also a structured description of how similar databases can be developed for other industries.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Pettersson
Circular Business Development & Environmental Manager, Inrego. 


“We hope we will inspire more people and organisations to reuse equipment. The idea is that the model will be used to calculate the climate benefits of reuse.“

- Jonatan Wranne from the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

Components matter

The new database is independent and was developed by scientists to calculate environmental savings for IT equipment down to component level.

The model contains information on many different categories of IT products such as laptops, monitors, smartphones, tablets, printers as well as accessories such as adapters, keyboards and RAM memory. To get a true account of the environmental savings of reusing IT, it's important that all components are accounted for in calculations.

520 kgc02e

Reusing a computer monitor saves a massive 520 kg of carbon dioxide emissions on an average, compared to buying new.

280 kgc02e

Buying a reused laptop instead of a new one saves 280 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, compared to buying new.